05 Turquoise CITY SB $500!!

  1. Wow :wtf:
    Deana where are you??
  2. gorgeous! thanks for posting, chriseve!
  3. NUTS!!! Not being able to get into eBay from work is just killing me :crybaby: ... although my Wallet is happy :yahoo: !!
  4. Gorgeous! I'd be interested to know what it'll finally end up going for! Definitely won't be anywhere near what it is at right now!
  5. I love this color! I'm still recovering from the other bags that I've bought lately, but someone will be very happy to get this one.
  6. drooling.
  7. WOAH. Gorgeous leather! Deana needs to see this auction!
  8. Is it a PF'ers listing? She also has a pebbled flat brass that is TDF :drool:
  9. Omg, such a beauty!! :nuts::love: And why are people bidding on it when there are still 6 more days left? :rolleyes: I want to see snipping!! :death:
  10. I put a bid on it because I like to let my friends know that I am interested. They all check to see what I am bidding on and I do the same with them. They do the same thing so we don't run the bids up on each other. I still use esnipe if I am serious, if I'm not and the price goes up more than I want to pay as the auction nears the end, I just drop out and put no snipe.
  11. ^^ Ah I see... good luck powder! You should get it and add on to your massive collection. :graucho::drool:
  12. Gorgeous!! I wonder how much it will go for
  13. the color is gorgeous!
  14. Gorgeous leather! Oh why why why isn't this a '05 Turquoise WORK?!