05 Turquoise city BIN 1250

  1. hmm... I think for the condition the price is OK. BIN 1250 is median price IMO, maybe a little high- usually this bag in mint condition goes for like 1600+ the handles dont look awful to me!

    man I've been so busy with school, I didnt even notice that thread at all! thanks for linking me firstclass! I love this color... :love:

  2. Yes I love it too mocean and I'll get my '05 turquoise mini twiggy this week :yahoo: :yahoo: yyeeaahhhhhhhhhh :love:
  3. First Congratsss!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: I am soooooooooo happy for you!!!!!
    Can't wait to see pics!

  4. Awwwwwww myriam..... :shame: thank you, you're a sweetie :flowers: !! Of course I'll post pics ;)
  5. I am tempted but I'm really afraid that there is a smell that goes along with those stains. For that much money I would really hate to get a bag that I don't feel comfortable using.
  6. Yes and those stains are not worth this amount of money i think.:s
  7. ^ I agree. Even though I'm so tempted because the '05 Turquoise City is my DREEEEAM bag. But I think I might be too fixated on those stains. I'm sure the seller has tried to get rid of them so there's probably no luck for me.
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