05 Turq DREAM has arrived! YIPPEE X 3 now!!! woop!

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  1. HOORAY!!! My 3rd bbag has now arrived and now I think I officially have a family. I'm QUITE happy with my current collection and I hope to stick to just these while I try a ONE FULL YEAR purse ban in 2007.

    Anyhoo... back to the FUN stuff! I got my dream metallic, my dream staple, and now my dream bright! Please say hello to my 05 Turquoise City!!!

    Thanks and shout outs to those of you who patiently waited with me yesterday while the FedEx man was driving this baby all around town.

    Special Thanks to 'O' - without you, I would not have this gorgeous bag. and Special Thanks to 'S' - without you going out of your way to pick this up - I wouldn't have had it in my hands today (Thank G for me too!)! Special thanks also to 'C' - thanks for reading all my email rants - you're awesome!


    and me carrying it:

    Check out the "latest bbag family pics" thread for pics I'll be posting of my current bbag family!!! Woohoo!! :yahoo:
    LOVE LOVE LOVE for my fellow bbag addicts! :love: Thanks for being such great enablers, encouragers, and friends! I'll be gone from the forum for awhile without internet access, but in the meantime, Happy holidays - happy shopping - and I can't wait to come back and see all your expanded collections!!
  2. :drool: :drool: :drool: :love:
  3. :nuts: wow jadecee!!! it's absolutely amazing!!! so gorgeous!! congratulations!! :yahoo: :rochard:
  4. oh my, perfection!!! scrumptious.
  5. Thanks ladies! She pretty much completes my collection for now.

    After some more calming times (aka purse ban) - I can't wait to go on a bbag splurge again!
  6. omigosh... that's... jaw-dropping jade...
    finally got it, so happy for you... now your making me what a turq too...
  7. aww.. thanks eping! Hey - it was you that got me into INK! But I love your black and white! I really want a white ss07... but I'm worried about it yellowing..

    deco - my thoughts with you and your fam! Hope the blizzard in colorado isn't causing too much trouble over your holidays! Did FedEx resume their services today? Hope so!
  8. Congrats..that is really beautiful..happy holidays to you too!!
  9. Congrats, she's amazing!! I'm waiting for my 05 turquoise city, too. It's suppose to arrive any day now. :smile:
  10. wow!!! how gorgeous! i love it!
  11. preeeeeeeeeeeeeety! i love the color!

    mind sharing with us how you got it? i want one in work!
  12. :heart: it! Congrats!
  13. Wow!! That is gorgeous!!!
  14. Congrats! The bag looks gorgeous!

    I think PHH would keel over and die :LOL:

    LOVE the turq. Stunning.