05 turq day on the bay!

  1. just thought you should all know xx :tender:
  2. i know! the color is TDF! i'm holding out for a city or work, tho.

  3. ^^me too! :crybaby:
  4. I am bidding on it. Hopefully I will win :wlae: ahhhhhh I just cannot wait 4 days and a bit of torturing :love:
  5. I saw it too... so freaking nice! Good luck Sasha!
  6. sasha, I hope you win as well, but you need to change your signature, you cannot advertise wanting to buy/sell anything on tPF...
  7. Oh my! That bag is dreamy....
  8. Ooh sorry >_< I did not try to break the rules on here *shy* I am terribly so so sorry
  9. Good luck Sasha!
    Will be a pretty combo w/ your AG DAY :graucho:
  10. hahaha :flowers: thank you so much everyone. I am so anxious to get this bag. I so want it!!!!! (it is so funny isnt it Aki? I just talked about it to you this morning :yahoo: hopefully they will be a great combo like you said)
  11. They will absolutely be MAD combo! :woohoo::woohoo:

    I know! Things that we wish for :nuts: *meant to be I will say!

    Good luck hun!
    Crossing my stubby fingers for you! :wlae:
  12. It is at almost $1600 already!! Wow!!
  13. Wow!
    Between this and the Le Dix auction - with prices sky-rocketing with days to go - are we experiencing... the Achtung effect? :ninja:
  14. The Bal market has been slow for quite a while. It is nice to see those rare pieces pop out to stimulate the market. :tup: You GO girls!
  15. Oh wow!
    Good luck to everyone who is bidding!
    Hope it will go to fellow TPFer :tender: