05 Turq City $1250 OBO

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  1. I will absolutely make an offer on this! Want it so bad!
  2. I love this. But I don't like the "leather breakage" as they describe it. Do you think it would get worse?
  3. oh, soooo pretty! corinne148, u should make an offer, it's gorgeous!
  4. :yahoo:
  5. I wanted it really bad but there were too many cuts in the leather.
  6. kattiepie - did you get this? You didn't BIN - so I'm thinking you got a good deal for this? Hope so! The colour is TDF!! but I don't need to tell you that... were you missing your 05 turq first?
  7. I got a pretty good deal, imo! I'm just waiting for it to come home now! SO EXCITED!!!! :yahoo:

    jadecee: I DID miss my turq 05 first but I knew it was worth it because THIS is my ultimate dream bag. I'm soooo done after this! (Well, that's what I keep saying, at least! teehee)
  8. Congrats!!! It is SO amazing to land your dream bag!!

    We'll be 05 turq city sistas! I'm SO excited! Mine is waiting at the FedEx facility for me to go pick up today! me too -- I'm sooooo done after this!

    YAY! Yay for you and yay for me! :biggrin: