'05 Teal Twiggy

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  1. I believe that it isthe purse didi78 bought before but was a issue with the color i think the bag is faded and looks more like a sky blue
  2. ^^ I was wondering that too. I didn't know if Didi78 returned hers. This one does look fairly faded just like Didis. :shrugs:
  3. that is not teal.
  4. I'm fairly positive that's the teal Didi returned. It's the same seller, and she says something about the faded leather in the description.
  5. hmmmm. I didn't realize fading could actually change the color, though. That looks like sky blue, which I used to have. I saw so many teals, and they didn't look like anything that would fade into that color. Especially to fade so evenly!
  6. On my computer screen it looks Turquoise. I kinda like it. But not if its faded.
  7. It's the one Didi returned...it doesn't really look like teal. I think it's pretty anyway though!
  8. dunno who didi is, but I just wanted to say it's not teal, in case anyone really wants to buy a teal bag.
  9. I had said it didn't look like teal either. It's looks too light overall. Maybe 05 turq?
  10. I think it is teal, just faded because it looks exactly like the faded teal twiggy Didi posted pics of.
  11. It's the same bag. There was just some question about it being teal to begin with.
  12. Hi guys!!!! Yup, this is the one I returned. It's pretty faded, so like a dark sky blue. very very pretty, but not the rich color I wanted.
  13. Just wondering... the condition of this bag looks pretty good. How do you ladies think it faded so much.. sun maybe?
  14. i'm thinking it's the sun, but you never know.
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