05 Teal Twiggy or 06 Cornflower City?

  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if you lovely ladies (and gents!) can help me decide which bbag to purchase.

    For $800 would you purchase a USED:

    1) 05 Teal Twiggy
    eBay: AUTH BALENCIAGA TEAL TWIGGY BAG - MPRS (item 200054921987 end time Feb-01-07 15:28:55 PST)


    2) 06 Cornflower City
    eBay: 100% auth BALENCIAGA motorcycle leather handbag !L@@K! (item 330076805737 end time Jan-21-07 22:52:53 PST)

    So here's my delemma, this will be my first bbag and I've never seen a bbag in teal or cornflower IRL...nor have I seen a Twiggy IRL.
    I'm 5'1" and very pettite frame...I really love the City (I saw this bag at Holts a few weeks ago) but I dont' know if the Twiggy would better suit me. :shrugs:
    Whenever I see pix of a bbag in Teal...my :heart: jumps. And I've read on this forum how the 05 leather is much better than the 06.
    My dream bbag would be the 07 City in Natural but I'm too scared of dirtying a $1000+ bag! I actually decided maybe a City in black would be the ideal bag...
    Another thing is that I can't bring myself to spend $1000 on a bag...so the only way I can get a bbag is if I find great/amazing deals on eBay (and if I'm lucky enough to win the auction).

    So what should I do? Forget about them and wait for a City in black or purchase one of the bbags above???

  2. i love the teal but i love the city style.... so... :p

    if your heart jumps on one of this bag, and not just because of the price or only one element such as the colour but not the style vice versa.
    i think you should wait.

    but if you can't wait any longer, get the one you like the most.
    you can still sell it if you decide that u don't like it :smile:
  3. well, I'm short too, only 5'3" and found the twiggy to be too long for me. i have a city though and just love the size of it. I want a black city too so I can't help you there. I do think it's fun to have one of balenciaga's gorgeous color bags as a first bag and then do the black as a second or third. the colors are just so awesome..
  4. Hi and welcome! I am 5'1'' too and city is a great shape.
    I have a cornflower work and the leather is very soft, thick and the colour is very rich and beautiful but every single bag is different really... if your heart jump with the teal colour but you love the city style then you should wait for that bag to show up on eBay and maybe, in the mean time, you can save some money... :smile:
  5. Teal twiggy!!! Teal is a gorgeous color and 05 leather is so smoochy.
  6. Thanks everyone for your feedback! I think I'll wait for a teal city or a black city.
  7. I'm 5 feet tall, thin, wear 3.5 to 4 inch heels all the time and have a Truffle Twiggy. I don't find it too "long" at all. It's the exact same length as the City (15 inches) only a couple of inches shorter, and it holds a ton of stuff. It's not as structured as the City, and slouches beautifully...so don't rule it out, especially if you can get a good deal on one in the color you love! :yes:
  8. :heart: THE CITY MORE THAN twiggy, imo
  9. I don't think you should get the bbag from eBay. The 2 bags above look so used. :sad: & dirty. If it's going to be your first bbag, I would get it brand new from a department store or on ebay. :yes: Nothing feels better than to hold a brand new bbag in your hands........the leather smells so nice. However, don't get it from Holt though because they are overpriced there. Get it from AR. (I live in Canada & order from AR) Teal is a nice color, but it's hard to come by on ebay...do you like any of the 2007 colors? The light green one (sorry, don't know the name) is beautiful! I definitely think city will look better on you than twiggy. I want my first bbag to be a rouille twiggy, but as soon as I see it at Holt, I change my mind instantly. Twiggy looks HUGE on my 5'5 frame (115 lb)! I personally think it's too long too. (the middle sags). But definitely get the city! ;)