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  1. Love this hobo!
  2. Regarding the revised listing: Bertie is a good friend of mine and she sold the bag to this seller. The bag was in excellent condition when it was sold, I almost bought it myself. I saw it in person when she did the listing, it was beautiful. There was one dime sized stain on the bottom, which was disclosed in the auction. The bag suddenly had a huge black smear on it when the buyer received it. She was offered a full refund, no questions asked but she declined. Bertie has ALL the emails and photos and an EXCELLENT reputation, so she's asking anyone with questions to please shoot her an email. There are far too many people who play games with people's reputations around here, and it won't be tolerated in this case. Thanks for your time.
  3. I don't appreciate at all you bringing your comments into this forum.

    BUT, I'm not at all surprised. She emailed me about the stain a little bit ago and I was so glad she did because I forgot all about it. I immediately revised my listing and included the photo showing. The exact photo I forwarded to the seller immediately after I opened the box.

    So yes, I agree reputations are very important.

    BUT, bottom line is sellers miss things and make mistakes. The problem i have and had is when a seller isn't willing to take responsibility for the mistake and accuses me and honest person of defaceing a bag I just paid $1000. for.

    Please see I have revised the listing. I hope it is showing by now.

    BTW, I know I'm not the only one this has ever happened to....AND this is not the only situation I have been in where a flaw was missed and not disclosed and a seller accused me of doing it. Which needless to say made me VERY upset.

    Oh yes.....AND I seem to also remember pointing out the black spot that was in her photos in her own listing after the fact. I took a closeup and forwarded that to her.

    As far as the refund.... I was completely upset and didn't was NOT going to pay to ship back and I put in my closet and that's where it's been ever since.
  4. I am positive this thread will be erased very soon.:yes:

    I was not ever going to bring this into the forum as it is not necessary at all.
    This is an eBay issue and I was glad to revise my listing, especially before it sold.
  5. You've done the same thing to other people, people with hundreds and hundreds of positive feedbacks. People with impeccable reputations who are VERY popular around here. You were offered a full refund, you declined. If i received a stained bag, I'd be happy to get a no questions asked refund, not shove the bag in a closet. But let's agree to disagree. I don't want to feud with you, I merely felt the need to defend someone who did nothing wrong. Good luck with the sale, it's a beautiful bag and someone will love it dearly.
  6. ^^Who are you?

    I saved all of my emails as well and I have the exact one where the seller sent me an email and said "here's the back of the bag and there's no black mark" and my reply was " you're wrong, it's right there, right next to the buckle of the work you have pictured behind it."

    I am more than happy to post her listing photo so everyone can see it for them selves. It's there, I laughed just looking at it one more time.

    Again, the seller made a mistake and was not willing to own up to it even after I pointed it out in her own photo.

    I already explained why I didn't want to send the bag back, it makes perfect sense.

    BTW, you have no idea how many bags I have sitting in my closet.

    I will defend myself in this situation because I am absolutely 100% right.
    And when I'm wrong I own up to it.
  7. ^^AND, you should have just left well enough alone.

    I said nothing but the truth in my revision the seller and I could not come to terms on when and how it happened, we could not agree and Idid not go into detail, but now is my opportunity.

    I had forgotten all about untill I got what I interpreted as a snide email from bertiebluebird asking "just curious about the huge black mark?"

    AND, Yes.....it all came back to me, every bit. I replied with a "thank you for the reminder, I will immediately edit the listing and I did just that.

    I felt the email was coming with the exact tone that I received throughout our email which needless to say, I was not happy about. BUT, I was happy that she reminded me so I could make the change. I would have felt horrible if my buyer had brought it to my attention.
  8. Well....this is a very beautiful bag! I love this teal color
  9. ^^:lol: It is a very beautiful bag.
  10. As I said before, I saw the bag in person and can attest to the fact that it had a stain on the bottom, which was disclosed in the original auction. I almost bought it myself and I didn't see a big black mark on it. But I'm happy to move on and drop this drama. So let's agree to disagree. It's a beautiful bag and I'm sure someone will be very happy to give it a good home. Good luck on your sale!:yes:
  11. Violets, you opened the can of worms.

    You can say over and over that you were going to buy the bag and it was perfect except for the stain on the bottom. You probably didn't see it just like the seller probably didn't see it. I was then and am now willing to give benefit of the doubt.

    This does not change the FACT it's in HER photo. PROOF! It was a mistake, that it was not diclosed. The problem was the seller would not admit it after I pointed it out in her photo.

    Honestly, the attitude you have brought I am not at all surprised by. It's a familiar feeling......
  12. Yes, I'm sure it's familar to you because you've had the same problem with other sellers. You said so yourself. So if you received a stained bag, it just seems strange that you'd decline a full refund. Why keep a stained bag, from someone you dislike? I've known Bertie for a long time and I'll defend her any time, any place. Now I suggest we end this like two adults. We can go round and round or we can agree to disagree. You decide.
  13. I don't get it. Where's the black stain? (the term makes me think BLACK like ink). There's a light grayish spot and the circular greyish spot.
  14. Gees, I REALLY wanted this bag and I have looked at it a million times today, told myself if it was still available tonight I would hit BIN...all the drama though.

    I dont want it so much anymore.:crybaby: :shrugs:
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