'05 Teal City

  1. if only it was a twiggy!!!!!!!! but so gorgeous, good luck to the seller (lovely pfer)!
  2. Love this!!! Had I not already bought my BI Twiggy, I'd be all over this one. Good luck!!!!!!
  3. Hi guys,
    I have to sell this one, all for my poor Kitty, the $$ from the vet just:crybaby:
    came...but it`s worth it, there will always be more bags.:heart:
  4. Good luck!!! :flowers:
    It's a beautiful bag.
  5. Buy a bag.... help a kitty :P

    Thanks Swiss :smile: Can't wait to see her!
  6. Awww...I hope your kitty is ok now! And I see the bag sold so congrats to you and the new owner. :heart:
  7. I totally understand. I was recently innundated with vet bills for my pom with never ending health issues. We still haven't determined what her illness is and it's given me a different perpective on my overspending on bags, shoes, etc. Well wishes to your kitty...give her alot of loving vibes. That's as important as any procedure.
  8. wow. i would def sell my bag collection for my crunchy. it sold fast!
  9. Tabbyco....thanks so much and everbody in the forum, the teal sold
    fast and my kitty is happy and getting better.:yahoo:
    Kitty is saying hi and thanks for the support.:jammin:
  10. Ahh, poor Swiss, hope everything is okay with your kitty now :flowers:
  11. Wow that sold fast! Someone didn't even bother with BO for it. That was worth it though! Congrats Swiss and goodluck to your kitty! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  12. Congrats, Swiss And to the new owner.... beautiful bag , hope your kitty makes a speedy recovery!
  13. Woah. Beautiful bag! Congratulations on your sale!

    P.s: What breed is your kitty? Mine's a burmese. =)
  14. congrats on the speedy sale, swissflower! i'm sorry to hear about your kitty, but i'm glad it sounds like she's well!