05 Teal City from PFer!!!

  1. Gorgeous! You should go for it Tiramisu!
  2. Tiramisu: your sn makes me HUNGRY!! :lol:
  3. gorgeous!
  4. another beauty!
  5. Irissy-tiramisu is my favorite dessert!!! and I have a cat names tiramisu, too!

    Ugh, I don't know what to do with all these yummy blue Bbags...

    fayden-did you pick up your 05 turq yet????
  6. yes i did!!!! i am going to post photos tomorrow. she's a stunner.
  7. 0o0o congrats fayden! cant wait to see pics!!!!

    0o0o TEAL - yummy!!!
  8. very nice but the price, i have seen teal's city's for $1200 but $1600? i don't know.
  9. Yes, it is the price that is holding me to click Buy-It-Now...:sad:
  10. helenNZ-2 days since you bought your last Bbag??? What did you get??? (I am so nosey!)

    Ugh, should I get this TEAL bag or what...!!! Is it worth the BIN price? Can somebody get it so I don't have to~~~:drool:
  11. Teal is one of my favorite colors, and mint condition cities are not an everyday occurence. You can submit a best offer if it's the price that's keeping you from bidding. :love:
  12. She accepts best offers. You should submit one! :yes:
  13. I just bought a Navy 05 City from eBay and now I see this Teal 05 City!!! Why is one blue B-bag not enough for me? Why am I thinking about getting this one, too??? I was going to buy a Cornflower First, but now I am debating to put an offer to this Teal 05... I am so stressed...:P HELP~~~~:crybaby:
  14. Our dear Helen got ALOT of B-bags 2 days ago... be sure to hound her for it! :graucho::drool: