'05 Teal CITY - $ 1399 BIN $1499

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. I love the Teal! So beautiful!
  2. I sold this bag to her (for way too little, but live and learn). It's beautiful!
  3. Hi you guys,
    I could not resist.....OMG I got it for a reasonable price.-
    at least what it is worth to me...:yahoo: finally I`m a owner of a
    teal city....yeah. I can rest now.:jammin: ...Blue India anyone:rolleyes:
  4. Congrats, Swissflower! That is a gorgeous bag. So... nosey here... does that mean she sold it to you for less than her starting price? I'm always curious when the listing ends early.
  5. ^ Me too!
  6. Well....thanks guys... but it`s the starting price...it`s worth to me.
    :yahoo: I will post it when I get it next Friday....;) thanks for the
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