'05 Taupe City from a PFer

  1. ooo i saw this... i LOVE this color and it looks so smooshy!
  2. Soo pretty and a great price.
  3. Donna -

    you decided to sell, huh?

    It looks super thick and smooshy, I bet you will have no problem!
  4. This is my favourite color and leather that I've EVER seen IRL.
  5. yes, it was a sad decision to make because I love taupe anything. If this sells I will keep my Magenta...i think.
  6. Good luck with your sale Donna, it looks so yummy, smooshy and a great price.:nuts:
  7. the leather on this is one of the most amazing I've ever seen. :drool: :drool: :drool:
  8. Wow... gorgeous bag lovely elegant color!!!
  9. ^^ ditto, that leather's insane!!! :nuts:
  10. Can you say SMOOOOOSH!?!

    Holy cow. Good luck on your sale, Donna.
  11. Ughh if i wasnt on a shopping ban i would totally buy it!
  12. Gone and I am put out of my misery (at least for this bag) :Push:!
    congrats on the sale Donna, I was sooo tempted!!!
    did a PFer get it?
  13. congrats on the sale donna! yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy:wlae:
  14. Yayyyyyyy. Congrats Donna.:yahoo: