'05 taupe city $1.88 SB

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  1. It looks like an '05 to me and not pewter hardware, but it's still very nice! Low SP too yay!
  2. Yup, 05 taupe with brass, but still very very pretty. Love the taupe color a lot.
  3. Just really dark handles!
  4. i think they sold this bag before, do you think the first buyer don't wanted the bag? i am going to try to find the link for the first time.
  5. can't really how dark the handles are because the mannequin is covering them almost competely,:shrugs: but what is visible looks dark :sad:
  6. ^^ oopsy, sorry about the faux pas :shame:
  7. This is an authentic right? It has such a low SP.
    I wonder how high the price will go.
  8. It's authentic. I remember they listed a bbag before with a really low start price too (I don't remember if it was this one) and it went fairly high. :P
  9. Yup, definitely sold before. Wonder why it was subsequently returned...
  10. Probably the handles. Warming of the handles are one thing, but those are postively gross. :yucky:
  11. what a shame. those handles are awful. would they be repairable?
  12. Not according to LMB and Artbag. I sent them pictures once and they said the dark handles are there to stay. :yucky:
  13. aww... to bad poor little bag!!
  14. ^^ oh well, it was a good deal @ $1.88 :P
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