05' Sky Blue Hobo Ebay

  1. Great seller too!
  2. tempting.......... AH! Must. RESIST. I am going to wait patiently for my beloved turquoise 05.
  3. I am so with you Katie!! Love the 05' Turquoise!
  4. This is a GREAT buy, and a really gorgeous bag!
  5. It is lovely - I'm seriously so tempted...........:sad:
  6. Someone get it now! It is such a great price :yes:
  7. the leather looks so soft and smushy. awesome price. someone on here go for it.
  8. Damn I wish I had that kind of money lying around.... :graucho:
  9. someone needs to get this asap! this is a STEAL. if i didn't already have a light blue i'd be all over this. and next week it will probably go for $1500 and then people will be cutting and pasting THIS auction!
  10. cute, eh? wish I had the dough!

    all this weirdness going on with the price of bbags is not IMO going to continue for every color of a past season. sky blue pops up pretty often...
  11. I love the style, just not crazy about the color. I already have too many blues :smile:
  12. I :heart: my sky-blue Hobo so much - I never will sell it again :yes: ! It's just the same bag as in this auction . . . I absolutely suggest to buy it for this GREAT price !:yes:
  13. It's already sold !!! Who is the lucky winner ? A nice PF member maybe ?? CONGRATS to this special find, a really gorgeous bag :flowers::flowers::flowers: