05 Sky Blue fabulousness!

  1. gorgeous!
  2. Beautiful! Good luck with the sale, Mimz!
  3. Such a pretty bag, good luck with the sale Mimz!
  4. thanks everyone :love: :smile:
  5. Gorgeous bag -- and the price just dropped. I'm surprised no one has grabbed it yet!
  6. Mimz I didn't realize you posted here. I just emailed you thru eBay that someone stole your action pictures and text. Hope you can get them pulled. = (
  7. Aw thank you everyone for the warning! I reported them, ah! I hope it is pulled as well! :heart:

    (and thank you citychris for the love :love:, I need to make some room - so I did drop the price even more!) :smile:
  8. Somebody bought the "person who stole Mimz's photos" bag. It didn't get pulled in time! Poor "whoever that bought it" I hope eBay intervene in time.
    Good luck with your auction, Mimz!
  9. That bag...is almost flawless.


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