'05 Sky Blue City MINT!

  1. LOL - I've been watching this bag for months (it's a relist)...:love:
  2. Oh, didn't know she had listed it before. Its beautiful but she is quite determined on her price. Very pretty but I might just wait and get a new blue india instead.
  3. K - if you can swing this one, go for it...the color and the leather are incredible...
  4. You aren't helping any!!!
  5. wait until Ms Lenabler sees this thread ;)
  6. To add to the enabling, I have to attest to the beauty of sky blue color and leather. I just bought a sky blue day bag from ebay and I have to say it is the thickest, smooshiest leather I have ever seen or felt. It is light and almost "fluffy," the image of a cloud comes to mind. It is hard to keep from squeezing it and sinking my fingers into it (I have to be careful while driving). And the color is really gorgeous, typically more of a spring / summer color maybe but a nice compliment to fall colors.
  7. I bought a gorgeous red Paddington from her earlier this year, she was so nice to work with. I have been watching this one too, but I think I have way too many blue bags....
  8. Okay people I'm getting worn down here! In my weakend state of being all caught up in B-bag madness I'm very easily swayed. :sad: Good think dh won't be back home for quite some time and I'll manage to convince him I have purchased the 4-5 bags over a period of time and not all in the matter of a week and a half!! :wtf:

    I really need somebody to buy some of my stuff, either that or I need to start living off soup and PB&J. :P
  9. Ooh, it's over! Did a PFer get it?
  10. no buying/selling/trading on tpf, thanks :flowers:
  11. K - did you get it???
  12. Yes! I got it!! I think I am going to have to be done for awhile though. Ya'll are really no help though!
  13. congrats, luvshopping90! she's gorgeous!!!!!!