05 sky blue city! $1100 BIN

  1. Now $1050...
  2. Seems to be in mint condition, and the leather looks yummy...
  3. It's mine!!!

    My first b-bag ever. :yahoo:
  4. I just hope there continues to be sky blue cities for sale - into the winter and possibly early spring, since that is how long it will probably be before I can afford another purchase. I look at each one longingly now but know I must wait. Peggy
  5. congrats fendihunter, i was seriously looking at that auction b/c I just love blues but I've got to find a caramel city b/f i can move on to others colors. that bag looks divine though...
  6. Congrats on your first bbag purchase fendihunter! very exciting. They're like Doritos, you can't have just one!
  7. Yeaaah Fendihunter!! :yahoo: You're going to love it! Congrats on your first Bbag!! :graucho: :yahoo:
  8. Thanks you so much everyone. Deco, thanks for your advice. I too was a big time Balenciaga nay-sayer. To be honest, I really couldn't stand them. Then I started venturing into this section and the more I saw the colors and the close up pics of the leather the more I turned to the dark side.

    With this purchase, my conversion is complete. Who would have told me that I would end up buying a b-bag before my beloved spy. :shrugs:

    I can't wait to hold it and smoosh the leather up between my fingers.:graucho:
  9. woooooooooo-whoooooooooo, congrats on your 1st b-bag :wlae:...trust me when i say it won't be the last...you should consider changing your name to "b-baghunter" :P
  10. To bad we can't have first and middle names around...I might consider it.:yes: