05 rouge vs. 06 rouge vif


let me know your thoughts :)

  1. 05 rouge city

  2. 06 rouge vif classique

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  1. hey ladies ~ should i trade in my 05 rouge city for an 06 rouge vif classique? i still haven't seen the color IRL, but from what i've read in these threads, it's one of the best reds. the classique is not my first choice, but I would like a bbag for going out. :nuts: :graucho:
  2. can you post pic of the colour side by side?
  3. I prefer the rouge vif over rouge theatre but personally I'm not sure if I'd trade a city in a colour that it's considered rare with a classique in a colour that it's still available.
    But maybe I would, because that means that the 06 is new and the city is used.
    But I also like more a worn in b-bag than a brand new one..I don't know, it's a tough choice:hysteric:
    Sorry I wasn't very helpful..
  4. now that I think about it, if you want a bag for going out, then get the classique. Do you already have one?
  5. Both are great colors...the leather is a bit thicker on the F06 rouge...

    I think it comes down to use rather than color...would you prefer a city or a classique?
  6. Why don't you get a '06 Rouge Vif City bag? (If you prefer that size?)
  7. crap...i saw moe's beautiful grenat day, and now i want that one or a twiggy instead! :girlsigh:

    it's kinda bordeaux w/ a hint of 05 rouge...i love that 2-in-1 feature :love:
  8. ^^So is that your pick now?
  9. well, i finally saw a grenat twiggy IRL. although it was a nice shade, i prefer bordeaux. my funds are pretty low so i won't be buying bags from this current season.
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