05 Rouge vif Twiggy from a PFer

  1. I love this one!
  2. I love it too. It is to die for!
  3. what a beauty :love:
  4. Nice color :love:
  5. It is beautiful. I didn't think I liked twiggy's but I saw the first one I have ever seen today and I do! It just isn't a good time to buy so close after Christmas.
  6. This is the prettiest Red. One day I will own one hopefully :yes:
  7. I love 05 Rouge!!! someone should get this beauty!!
  8. :drool:
  9. oooh i love this color! what does this bag retail for new?
  10. If only this is a First... :push:
  11. I was thinking of bidding, what do you think it will go for?
    It didn't sell the first time but I don't remember the SP ???
  12. That's Rouge Theatre, not Vif.. don't want to point out the obvious since it's 05 but just in case anyone was confused or didn't notice. :smile:
  13. somebody stop me...this is such a gorgeous bag! but i just bought a grenat day yesterday...

    this red is just to die for :drool:
  14. too bad there isn't a BIN