'05 rouge twiggy is HERE!!!!

  1. Hey girls!!

    Well, i'm proud to anounce the arrival of my first bal, Ms. 05 rouge twiggy!!!!

    I'm absolutely :love:IN LOVE:love: with everything about this bag, the color is GORGEOUS:love:, leather is perfect:love:, and the previous owner took such good care of it...it's practically brand new:love:!!

    Check it out:
    (disclaimer-i'm new at this pic taking/watermarking stuff, hope it works!!)
    Balenciagai s really into sports, it decided to hit the gym as soon as it arrived ;)
    balenciaga 006.jpg balenciaga 007.jpg balenciaga 009.jpg balenciaga 011.jpg balenciaga 004.jpg
  2. Congrats! I love it
  3. Congrats!!!! its a beautiful color!!!!!!
  4. Oh, she's gorgeous! Congrats!
  5. She's a beauty and looks great on you!! Congrats!
  6. OMG!! What a beautiful bag, it looks really good on you!

  7. ooh, it's gorgeous! yeah, balenciaga fever :yahoo: !!!
  8. beautiful!!!! congrats on your first bbag!!
  9. thank you!!!

    I think it's the most beautiful red... and i can't imagine what this year's hot red engine looks like... i thought this rouge would be a tad darker than it is, b/c of blue undertones... but it looks nice and bright to me.
    i'd have to to see this year's red next to mine to really tell...

  10. Congrats DRSM!!! She's a beauty! And yes, what fabulous condition she's in. Looks just great on you! I love the 05 rouge, if I haven't said it enough already, lol!
  11. The colour's just *WOW*, it looks great on you! :smile:
  12. Congrats DRSM!!! That bag is GORGEOUS!!!!:heart: :love: :heart: It really looks just like the fire engine red! Is she on your treadmill in your aviator?:lol:
  13. Wow!! Shes a beaut. Congrats!!!:graucho:
  14. YAYAYYAYYAY DRSM!!!!! :yahoo:

    Congratulations - 05 Rouge sister - on your first Bbag and what a beauty she is!!! :love: Rouge 05 rocks!:rochard:
  15. that color is amazing and it looks so good on you!
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