05 Rouge Theatre Box or Twiggy?

  1. I have a rouge theatre bag with great leather in another style, but would love to find a box, or maybe a twiggy in this color. I don't carry my rouge theatre day often but don't want to let it go until I find a box (first choice) or twiggy because I love the color and leather! I really prefer the other styles. I haven't seen any pics posted here nor have any come up on eBay. Do they exist? :confused1:
  2. hi luxelife! yes, the rouge 05 twiggy and box do exist. a twiggy was on eBay 1-2 months ago, but so far no box style.

    here's a rouge 05 box i once had:

  3. Odd, that rouge theater box is so scrumptious! So, you don't have the bag anymore? Did you get rid of it because you were divesting part of your collection or because the style/color didn't suit you?
  4. i had the rouge box for a day and shipped it back to the store. the color was TDF :drool: , but the box style didn't work for me. i love looking at this photo...sometimes makes me wish i kept the rouge box.
  5. ohhhhhhhh... odd! I :heart: :heart: :heart: that rouge theatre box! That is exactly what I am looking for! Glad to hear there was a twiggy on eBay previously, gives me hope of finding a twiggy or box there! Thanks so much for posting! :yes:

    PS How long ago did you return it? Sure it is long sold by now! :sad:
  6. quite awhile ago...i bought that box when rouge 05 was released in fall 2005. my indecisive self tried out the twiggy, the box, the day, and the city in this gorgeous red. :shame:
  7. Did you end up with any of them????:smile:
  8. i kept the day and city...then figured i should only keep one rouge bag, so the city stayed. eventually that went to a new home. i really should have kept one.
  9. luxelife ~ I vote for Rouge Theatre Box after seeing odd's pic and I just love the box style.

    odd ~ that is one gorgeous box. :love: :drool:
  10. Maybe one of the two new reds for fall 06 may be close to rouge theatre. Fingers crossed!
  11. I'm crossing my fingers for this too!! :push: