'05 Rouge Teatre First: $749 opening bid

  1. Why is she selling it, it looks amazing on her..
  2. I know! I'm almost tempted to email her and ask!
  3. Yes I as going to mail her to tell her not to sell it!!
  4. NOOOOOOO!!!!! Don't do that! It's my dream bag! :heart::heart::heart:
  5. Looks like it's arrived! Good luck.
  6. Go for it, TTucker!!!! It's a great color!!! You will :heart: it and use it a ton!! Good luck!!!!
  7. ^^Thanks! No BIN price, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed :yahoo:
  8. I love that color! Fabulous bag. I agree it looks really good on the seller.
  9. wooooooooooo-whooooooooooo, go get that bag TTucker-girl :yahoo:
  10. Good luck, Ttucker, it's gorgeous! I really hope you get it!
  11. GO GO GO, Ttucker. I want one in City. Good luck, hope you get it!
  12. Y'all are so sweet. Thanks! I will be out of town when it ends, hopefully that won't hinder my bidding! We'll see!
  13. I hope you win it TTucker!!!
  14. go ttucker! i hope you get it, cause it's your dream bag!