'05 Red Rouge Theatre City - Brand New! $1100 BIN or BO

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  1. Gone. Beautiful bag and a great deal!!
  2. omg, i can't believe i missed such a great deal...congrats to the lucky winner
  3. Beautiful bag!!! Congrats to the winner
  4. Omigosh meow, I didn't know that you were a PF member! I wish you could have gotten it too
  5. I wish I would have seen it sooner also ... I had two other 05 Rouge bags on my watch list but I just can't pay over retail :sad: this was an awesome deal!

    Congrats on your sale s-snowman!!
  6. haha i guess this makes the two of us...congrats on your quick sell

  7. Congrats to the lucky winner to a beautiful bag!
  8. Omg spirals... my dream bag... noooo... :wtf: but congrats on your sale! :nuts: I'll just go hug my rouge vif City and cry. :p
  9. Thank you Irissy sweetie! It was hard to part w/ it for me, but I console myself w/ the thought that she is going to a good home, and hopefully I'm going to be adopting nice French Blue baby soon... :graucho: