'05 Pewter First from lvlady with BIN of $1099

  1. That is definitely yummy!! and we know lvlady is definitely authentic?? sorry..not very familiar with sellers on eBay. Thanks!
  2. please somebody hurry up and buy this bag!!!! I'm very tempted and the first is really too small for me. It would make a great evening bag though.......hmmmm? As if I get a chance to go out that often at night with 3 kids! Someone buy this bag!
  3. In know that several tPFers have bought bags from her in the past and they have been authentic.

    Siri, thanks for the kind words about my dog. She makes me laugh all the time. I have three others dogs too (bigger than her) and they keep my busy!
  4. lvlady99 is DEFINITELY an authentic handbag seller. No worries ladies.:yes:
  5. ^^ I have only bought one bag from her, but it was authentic & arrived SUPER fast. I have also emailed with her about a couple of other bags and she is really nice.
  6. :drool::drool::drool:

    why oh why can't i be one of those women who can go out with just a lip gloss, keys, and ID? why must i be a huge bag kind of woman?!
  7. ^^ you coulf fit a lot more than just "ip gloss, keys, and ID" in the first. more like....a magazine, sunglasses case, big wallet, keys pouch, cellphone,tissue, lip gloss, keys, and id. lol
  8. OOooooooooooh!! :drool:

    Why now?!?!?!?! When I simply can't afford one? :crybaby: Someone grab this precious bag!
  9. pewter at a great price!! someone grab it!