05 Pewter coin purse BIN 199 GBP

  1. it's so cute. perfect in pewter!
  2. I'd get it in an instant... if only I could think of a use for it :P
  3. Adorable! :love: But yeah...what do you do with it?

    Also, it annoys me when people take up half of their item description with pics of celebrities, and comments about how coveted and rare the item is. Maybe it's just me, but in the item description section I want to see a clear, concise description of what I'm bidding on, and lots of good-quality photos of the item itself. If something is rare or sold out I will already know that, and I could not care less what celebrities are carrying. But maybe I'm weird!:yes:
  4. Yes, it's so cute and it's in pewter!! But it's another of those things where I'd have to invent a use for it to justify my purchase.... but I know that at the end of the day, it'd still end up sitting pretty in my closet.... better for it to go to someone else who'd really put it to good use and love it loads!
  5. Oh it's GORGEOUS and I wanted it too :drool: .... so I've made an offer with £150 or if she would accept the BIN including shipping, but she isn't agree. I've got her answer:
    'Hi. This item is so rare i think someone will use the buy it now & pay the shipping. The item is priced very reasonable. It was only listed last night & I have had 4 offers already so I will wait thank you

    :crybaby: :sad: :crybaby:
  6. I have purchased many Chloe items from Roz, both on and off ebay, awesome seller, but her shipping prices have always been an issue with me. I think hr shipping on this..almost $40 US is way too high to ship a flat coin purse.
  7. I so have to have this. But I don't want to spend the MONEY. HOw much is one retail - I got the pdf from Aloha rag but lost it. I remember they had a bordeaux coin for some price I forget.
  8. Honestly I too hate all those celebrity photos. God I've seen EVERY SINGLE one of them already - ENOUGH. I don't CARE whose carrying them. If anything that almost makes me NOT want one. Ok I said ALMOST :smile:
  9. another MPRS has an 05 navy coin purse that I want because it would match my 05 navy twiggy, but $399 is a lot.
  10. I have a black coin purse which I love. Its great for holding a small digital camera, credit cards, ID & lipgloss. I usually don't hold coins in it because I don't like them rolling around in there with my camera.
  11. The coin purse retails for $285
  12. Woah - I offered 149.00 GBP which is 282.49 plus the 40.00 shipping - forgetta bout it. I'll get the bordeaux from Aloha rag. maybe
  13. glad she "declined" my offer. actually it was 499.99 (1 cent away from first class :smile: Seller musta been insulted since she didn't reply with any words - just "declined"
  14. oops I mean 149.99 gbp