05 Pewter City!!!

  1. It's gorgeous... -Drools-
  2. geez this person has like the COOLEST b-bags!
  3. I :heart: this bag! Their pics don't even do this bag justice. It's amazing IRL!
  4. Hi
    Is this a real BALENCIAGA?????????????????????????????????????????????????
    The city always has a silverplate in it.
    I think real fake.

    BYBY FX:wlae:
  5. Wow, that's gorgeous. I think BabyBoo was looking for a city in Metallic.

    Hi FX, glad to see you in here!
  6. OMG I'm in love!!
  7. Iàm stil learning.
    Thanx for the refer

    FX van Leeuwen
  8. Hi Cal nice to see U again.:jammin:

  9. ahhhhhh i love this bag.... *le sigh*
  10. I am swooning over this baby!
  11. Pewter did you name yourself after this bag? If so, I can see why.:love:
  12. Arrgghh ... I swear I'm going to invent a way to be able to look at eBay auctions when at the workplace! I miss out on so many wonderful pieces ... then again, my Wallet is happy!
  13. Teehehe yeah. I just got this bag and was obsessed with it at the time when I registered on PF. :blush: :P