'05 paddington vs the '06 paddington

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  1. those who have the '05 and the '06 paddies-do you notice the difference in leather quality? i read that '06's leather is not as thick as last season's and the the heft is not there?
  2. I know they lightened up on the lock but I don't see a difference in the leather.

  3. ooooh, that's good to know. i'm about to buy my first paddy but i just need to make sure on the leather. thanks!:biggrin:
  4. When I went to the Chloe store last month, they had both the 2005 choco paddy and the 2006 choco paddy. I felt both leather but they felt the same to me... not much difference. Both were squishy soft leather.

  5. thanks, irrisy!
    a friend of mine is going to Pris next week and she will pick up a choco paddy for me. crossing my finger that they have in stock!!! :nuts:
  6. the lock is much lighter now. Leather is the same, soft and smells sooooo good!
  7. I only have an '06 paddy and initially, the leather was kind of stiff. But after using it for about a month, the leather has transformed dramatically. Very slouchy and squishy and pebbly. I've heard people talking about a real difference in the leather but frankly I have no complaints. The leather is wonderful! :biggrin:
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