'05 Olive - what to wear with it...

  1. I have an opportunity to buy a brand new 05 olive city, and am 98% sure I am going to.

    I've been looking through threads to see what it looks like on other PFers but couldn't find any, let alone other pics of this color.

    Does anyone have pics of this color?

    Also, I wonder what would go well with this bag...
  2. I think the olive color goes with virtually everything....... you should go for it!
  3. She is absolutely right:yes: I have the Origan City and i use it with almost every color even though it is little lighter than the Olive one.:flowers:
  4. Olive is such a great/neutral color... !
  5. I love olive. You can wear it with pinks, white, yellows, black, browns, purples, beiges, reds etc. You should get it!
  6. Browns, beige, yellow... autumn-y colours!
  7. I think you guys are right.

    Bagfreak, I never would have thought yellow, purple or pink...but I think you're right.

    My bank account is totally empty as it is! Oh well...