05 Navy or 06 Bleu Roi?

  1. Does any body have any thoughts on the 05 Navy vs. 06 Bleu Roi?
    Which is more important to you: Color or Leather/Year?
  2. I think it depends on the condition of the specific bag :yes:

    For me, I want a bag that is in sharp shape :tup:
  3. '05 Navy is absolutely gorgeous! I found Bleu Roi to be a little bit dull, actually. I was hoping for a slightly brighter blue when I bought it - Navy is a darkish blue but it's very saturated and has a night bright tone to it.
  4. Good point, hmwe! Say, both bags are in great shape, not brand new, but still very nice!
  5. I haven't seen either IRL but I've heard on the forum that the bleu roi had disappointing leather, although I love its color.
  6. 05 navy in a heartbeat for me!
  7. 05 Navy!
  8. 2 of the blues that stay on my mind since my balinduction! this is hard. i'd go for 05 Navy, i suppose..
  9. 05 navy. I saw a blue roi in person and was disappointed with the leather and the color. It didn't look as bright as the pictures on the forum. But of course that may have been the particular bag and not indicative of all the bags produced in that color. But the navy looks fabulous and the 05 leather has a superior repuation, so my vote is easy.
  10. Another vote for 05 Navy!!!