05 Navy Compagnon!! Huge!!

  1. Thanks Liz! The wallet is amazing!! :yahoo: HUGE and fits all my cards!! That's hard to find really!

    P.S. Thanks for the sweet note!! :smile:
    navy compagnon.JPG 29042007410.jpg
  2. I've always loved the compagnon! Love it! Love NAVY 05!!! Congrats :yahoo:
  3. Thanks!!
  4. LOVE it!!!! LOVE the compagnon!!!!!!!!!
  5. Beautiful!!! Love the color and it is definately large enough. Congrats!! :yahoo:
  6. Gorgeous color!! And I am loving Bal Wallets!!
  7. Awesome! I supposed to get a mini-compagnon soon and I hope it ends up looking as cute as yours!
  8. Wow! That's the first time I've seen a zip around...only just recently started looking at bal. wallets.

    Gorgeous!! Are they still available, or am I destined only to find them on eBay?