05 Navy Blue Twiggy from a nice PFer

  1. Ooh, yes! Good luck, Allison, it is beautiful!
  2. bad kitty! perhaps this is the new poodle bag? good luck allison! so sorry about what happened.
  3. good luck, allison! even with the bite marks, i think this is such a lovely blue bag!
  4. I love this color! I have always had a hard time telling fall 05 navy and spring 06 cornflower apart, but the navy does look darker than cornflower in the photos. I also like how honest the seller is about every little "imperfection."
  5. 0o0o drool factor!!! bite marks have added character to the b-bag!!! all the best with the listing allison!!!
  6. thanks guys :flowers: I think this bag has nothing on the poodle bag. That thing was mauled. This one was just nibbled. :lol: