05 Navy Blue Hobo/Day

  1. I really like that!
  2. Oh I really like that too. I've been wanting something in that color. I've never bought a used bag before but I'll have to think about this one....
  3. Ohh pretty color - fantastic hobo :nuts: !! Thank you esiders :flowers: !
  4. hmmmm, i dont have b-bag hobo/day yet... hehehehe!!! oh crap... y does it have to be BLUE... BLUE is my FAV colour!!!! oh my weakness.... ekekekekekek!!! :roflmfao:
  5. I KNOW!!! I would have been all over that bag if it wasn't blue...I already have a blue bag dang it.
  6. Do you think it is authentic??

    It's gorgeous!
  7. What's the deal on the location vs the currency? That seems odd to me.
  8. all i remember about this seller is that s/he bid on the fake indigo city a while ago and retracted his/her bid after being warned by several tPF members.
  9. Yeah...I did notice that she wants GBPs but the bag is coming from NJ!
  10. I know! I thought that was odd, too. I wanted to buy it, but DH(now PHH) was like, 'Why is she asking for GPB? I thought you said she was in the U.S.'(He doesn't like me on ebay to start with but buying intl freaks him out even more).
  11. When I emailed her about it this is what she said:

    "At the time I listed the bag eBay UK - The UK's Online Marketplace had a promotion that was less insertion fee than www.ebay.com"

    For all you sellers out there, does that make sense or seem legit?
  12. btw..she relisted the bag and it's STILL under GBP...

    Tempting but it's such a HIGH price under such strange circumstances..