'05 Navy Blue City

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  1. That is beautiful. Can anyone comment on how 05 navy compares with cornflower and blueberry? It looks like navy is darker than cornflower but lighter and brighter than blueberry, but it can be hard to tell from photos.
  2. I've always wondered that too. I could never tell the difference between navy and blueberry before I saw this listing. But I think you're right, cornflower is a little lighter and blueberry is a little brighter and maybe darker than navy...
  3. I thought navy blue was cornflower. No?
  4. No, they're different. There's a cornflower from '06 and a navy from '05.
  5. ^ooooooooooh. No wonder... I like the navy better:drool: Thanks Pewter.
  6. that bag is gorgeous. I really want and 05 caramel but this is something to definitely keep watching...hmmmm
  7. color looks great on this one!
  8. Yes, this one is super GORGEOUS!!!
  9. I have the navy and had a cornflower. The navy is the best darker blue they've had IMHO. It's a shade darker than the cornflower, and a shade lighter than the blue roi. I get so many compliments on my bag, that after putting it up for sale several times, I can't bear to let it go.
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