'05 Metallic PEWTER First!!!

  1. *swoon!*
    pewter is :heart:
  2. wow she's also selling a metallic pink too! cuuuuute.
  3. eeek... cute cute cute!
  4. oooh very nice!!
  5. beautiful! go get her, red!!!!!
  6. I am dying for this bag and have been for some time...are we thinking it's authentic or not, ladies?
  7. Looks pretty! You should get the bag.:yes:
  8. Kabella GET IT!!! Pewter is the best! You need this bag! :P

    The bag in the pics is authentic and Kirna Zabete is a very reputable boutique that sells authentic merchandise. I have bought bags there before and they sell bbags. I don't know about the seller though...