'05 MAGENTA Work .... BIN $ 1599 !!!

  1. ooh yummy!
  2. OMG!!!!!!!!! ACK!!!!!!!!!! It figures this would come up right after I got the lilac yesterday!!!!!!!!!! Someone get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. :love: that is one of the most beautiful bbags I have ever seen! thanks for posting!
  4. goshhhh it's prettyyyyy!!!!
  5. OMG ... it's already gone :nuts: !!! Who got it ?? Is it a PFer ?? !! CONGRATS to the new owner :flowers:
  6. OMG !!!
    Already gone !!!!I would love to have this bag ....
    Congrats to the winner !!!!!!!
  7. Gorgeous bag, anyone here get it?
  8. Wow , just saw this and it's beautiful. Congrats to the winner!
  9. yowza, where are all these older BNWT b-bags coming from?!?! :nuts:...i'm sure it was a PFer who got it, since we're the only crazy ones surfing b-bags on e-bay all day (lol!!!) :p
  10. :smile:
  11. Arrgghh :cursing: ... I DID NOT need to see this one; it's BEAUTIFUL!!!
    After my FIASCO with the Rouge Vif Quilted (they sent me THE WRONG ONE AFTER I WAITED MONTHS & MONTHS ... waaaaaaah :crybaby: !!!).
  12. :yahoo: YIPEEEEEEEEE LIVE!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: You are a true magenta queen!!!!!!!!!!!:queen:

    CeeJay~ OMG! I can't believe that!!!!!:sad: You have been waiting for months right????
  13. wow thats alot of money haha, but totally worth it IMO.. that color is absolutely amazing! congrats!
  14. ACK, congrats LTL!!! :party: