05 MAGENTA MADNESS - can't anyone stop me?!?!

  1. So many of you know my Magenta sob story :s

    In short, I passed up several pristine bags between April and Sep, in favor of breaking in my very own BNWT LE Magenta. Then the interminable wait got the better of me, I cancelled, bought an 05 but that didn't work out for me after all :sweatdrop: I begged BalNY to get my LE back and when they came in, true to her word, Kim found me a beauty. But after having an 05 in my hands, I just couldn't live with the LE :push: It was not even close to being the same, IMHO.

    So back to the search!! :wlae:

    And I found not one but *two* :wtf: --- a Work and City.

    I am now headed out to pick up the Work right now.

    I need your collective good energy gals. Everyone, grab virtual hands and hope that my Magenta Curse is finally broken :yes:
  2. how exciting!!! *sends good vibes your way*
  3. good things come to those who wait. i'd say a score of two beautiful bags signals the end of the curse! looking forward to pictures when you get a chance... :party:
  4. I'll have the tent waiting!! :roflmfao:
  5. Third time's the charm, right? I think they'll both be gorgeous (or at least one of them definitely has to be!) Do post pics and let us know your assessment of the 05 color vs. your LE. I've still never seen the 05 in person, so would be v interested in more about that.

    (Purse-ooooh, is the guy in your avatar wearing a man-thong?)
  6. i am crossing my fingers for you!
  7. I am a firm believe in going for the bag you really love and not settling. Congratulations! Be sure to post pics.
  8. Ooh, I am so excited for you!!! I just received my 05 Magenta Twiggy today and she is just breathtaking. Good luck; can't wait to see pictures of your gorgeous bag!
  9. OMG!!!

    It's WONDERFUL!!!!!

    Thank you all for your good vibes: the Positive Purse Forum energy prevailed :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    I am so excited I can hardly type!!!! :nuts:

    pics and details coming....
  10. It looks like that :sweatdrop::woohoo:
  11. I am so much looking forward for the pics, hmwe :yahoo:I agreed with you, I do think that Magenta 2005 is more vibrant
  12. :popcorn: this should be good!
  13. I can't wait! I'm so anxious to see ur 05 magenta work!~!!!~!
  14. Ta-da!!!!

  15. did I mention FABULOUS??!?!?