05 Magenta Color Question ......

  1. All the pictures of this color seem to have a purplish undertone on my computer ..... does it look like this IRL?
  2. i depends on the light.. it really is a true fuschia color.. like the crayon..or the flower... rodadendrums..

    its more pink than purple, but it definitely has a coolish cast.. not a warm pink.
  3. Thanks toni!!

    I am so undecided as to keep waiting for the LE Magenta or hold out for the 08 Magenta .... I really want the Day style tho anyway .... but I want a bag that is more PINK, but not bubblegum pink - LOL!!!
  4. is it too late to order a Special order magenta bag now?
  5. What with all the people canceling their orders, I don't think so!! At any rate, they weren't completely sold out before the cancellations started.
  6. if you have your heart set on a day then I say wait. I don't think the new 08 magenta will be like bubblegum but a paler shade of the 05 magenta. But that is only an educated guess .
  7. I also think to some degree it depends on the bag. I had both a box and a city. The box definitely had a purple tone (my dh called it the "barney the dinosaur" bag). The city was more pink in tone.
    missmagenta.JPG magentabox1.JPG
  8. addictedtopurse - your magentas are fabulous! sorry a bit off-topic!
  9. Thanks everyone!
    Maybe I WILL cancel my LE and wait and see what the 08 looks like .... *sigh*
  10. If you don't want a lot pf purple-tone in the bag, then it is probably better to wait for the new magenta. The 05 magenta has a lot of purple undertones to it. I thought it gave the color a lot of depth and richness - but if its strictly pink you want, then I would pass.