'05 MAGENTA classique !!!! BIN $995 - great price :-)

  1. oh, good luck, jdy! so sorry you're letting her go!
  2. LOL, i almost whacked the BIN button!!! :roflmfao: i'v gone b-bag crazy!!!! hehehehe, what a great price!!! i hope someone grabs it soon!!!! :wlae:
  3. Good detective work lv1011! :supacool: This is the purse that I bought from zevoncshi. I have to admit that I've been extremely lucky with all of my Balenciaga purses. :love: My pistachio and all its drama, some of you remember, is one of them! Anywho the magenta was at auction I think maybe three times? Anywho I put in a low bid on the last two thinking what the heck to test out the reserve. After the third auction I guess the seller gave up hope on selling it with the missing stud and offered me a second chance offer. I thought that I might be able to get the stud fixed somewhere and if not I figured someone might else might want her down the line for that price. Anyways, to make the story short, I lucked out and there was a spare stud in the front pocket that the seller didn't know about! I got her repaired and she's good as new :tender:

    BooYah don't be sorry! Though I still can't really make up my mind if I want to sell her or not, I was going to put the money towards buying my BF a nice back to school present because he's been nothing but sweet to me all summer. So the money is being put to good use! No worries...if she doesn't sell, I'll just keep her and he won't know the difference right? :graucho: :roflmfao:
  4. jdy I am so impressed with your eye for deals! I usually consider myself a good bargain shopper but you put me to shame!
    That Rouge First you got.... OMG!!!!!!!!! I would kill for that.

    And this one is an amazingly beautiful bag too! Glad you could make her like new :tender:
  5. Wow, great story Jdy! Hope it sells for ya!
  6. congrats on your sale jdy... i'm sooo sad u let this bag go. i love this colour so much :P
  7. ohh I was just curious to see if it was the same bag bc the stud didnt look like it was gone on the one up at auction lol
    thanks for clarifiying!!!
  8. :wtf: the price has dropped??? i think my eyes are playing tricks on me!!! SOMEONE BUY THIS beautiful bag NOW NOW NOW!!!!
  9. helen hahaha no tricks...she's gotta go!

    Thanks Cilla, I reported it last night! Glad to see they finally took it down this morning!!!