'05 Magenta Box

  1. Not mint, but very nice for the price. I highly recommend this style and color! I have one and I love it! Go for it!
  2. Very cute! Love the color!
  3. Ok, I totally would have bought this bag three days ago.. I :heart: pink.. Oh well, I'll love mine just as much.. I still want it though :love:
  4. nice.
  5. very pretty color, wish it was a city though.:love:
  6. Droooooooool for the magenta. I want one so badly!
  7. She removed the BIN I see...
  8. I owned this at one time and it is in really good condition except for the extra tassels missing. Beautiful color and very even, thick leather. I've actually been debating about buying it back, but I really don't need it. Very nice seller, too! (I am pretty sure she will add the BIN back if you want to use it!)