'05 Indigo vs. French Blue- How Do They Compare?

  1. Okay, I've compared the two swatches side-by-side from the reference section...they look AWFULLY close...can this be?? I thought FB was WAY brighter. Has anyone seen them both IRL? Many thanks!
  2. Here's my French Blue Day...Maybe someone can photoshop it next to an Indigo...There's a nice big Indigo Work on eBay (last I checked)...For the record, I sold my Indigo Twiggy for this FB Day. I am also on the list for an Electric Blue City. I felt the Indigo wasn't intense enough for me :smile:
    001.JPG 005 - Copy.JPG
  3. I have both I will try to take a pic in a little bit.
  4. The Indigo is a darker, more of a royal blue with slight purple undertones. It's also more neutral than the FB.

    FB on the other hand is a lot brighter, more like in your fact kind of color.

    I love the Indigo, but I'm waiting for the EB instead. I've been waiting for an electric blue close to 04 Dark Turquoise to come out for so long!!!!!!!
  5. These two colors are completely different. French Blue is much more vibrant, while Indigo is pretty dark, along the lines of an Eggplant type of dark. I think I have a tassel from my Indigo City, and my French Blue Shoulder, I don't have the bags anymore, but you can compare the tassels. It's late here right now, so tomorrow I will takes some pictures of them together and post them here for you.
  6. Thanks so much everyone. I think I'm getting WAAAAAYYYYYY too impatient, but I can't help myself.....I need a great blue!!!!
  7. Oh I feel your pain Maggien!!! When I get the blue itch bad, I go into this buying frenzy! Then totally regret it later. Just wait a little longer, the EB is just what you're looking for...I've seen the leather swatch IRL and it's perfect xo
  8. Here is my comparison pic! Hope it helps!

    My French Blue metalasse and indigo first.


    The light was coming in from the right, so thats why that side looks a little washed out.
  9. I've seen FB IRL and it wasn't as bright as I expected it to be. The color may vary, though.
  10. impasto! You took my breath away with that pic...
  11. :wtf::nuts::drool: impasto! your bags! :tender:bal blues are really too bloody gorgeous! when will i ever own a blue bbag?! i hope 08 EB is close to any of these lovelies.
  12. IMPASTO: Thank you SOOOOoooo very much. That's exactly what I needed!!!

    KDC: I know...I've got my eye on the upcoming EB....I just hope it's really, really, REALLY, "inyerface" ELECTRIC BLUE!! Was that your impression?