05 indigo vs. blueberry

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  1. Does anyone have both? Other than the leather, are the colors pretty close?

    I'm loving the indigo, but am wondering if blueberry is close enough...:confused1:
  2. I don't have either, but I've seen both in real life. My friend has an indigo city and I've seen the blueberry at Barney's. The leather is different, this year's isn't as soft, but what else is new? As for the color, I'd say they're in the same hue, but blueberry is a lot more vibrant, while indigo is more flat (though no less beautiful). I actually prefer indigo, but they're both gorgeous colors! Hope this helps!
  3. Blueberry is SO yummy!!! But you can't beat the other leathers, they're SO super beautiful! :love:
  4. is the blueberry bright like the indigo though? or more like the ink?