05 Indigo vs. 07 Ocean- how do they compare?

  1. I'm debating between the two, and wondering which is more versatile? I'd love to see comparison pics. The ocean seems more neutral/versatile than the indigo, but I'm drawn to the 05 leather and the more intense color saturation. Any advice? Thanks ladies!
  2. i haven't seen indigo IRL, but i have an ocean city. just judging from pics Ocean looks like the love child of indigo and cornflower.. the color varies though.. my ocean is pretty bright and blue - but i've seen other oceans in the stores that are alot darker.

    i think if you can find an indigo then it's always nice to have that o5 leather - but i think for an indigo you're going to pay over retail... just for that i'd rather get a new o7 ocean - the leather on mine is fantastic, it's just so thick, smooshy and chewy.
  3. thanks verty! that's great input. I'm not willing to pay over retail either. But the lure of 05 leather is tempting...but ultimately for me, not worth a lot of $$$ over retail.

    I'd love to hear more input from others! :smile:
  4. I love Ocean since that color does remind me the ocean. Ocean is the perfect blue to me. Between a used and over-retail 05 Indigo and brand new 07 Ocean, I'd go with 07 Ocean. Sorry, I don't have Indigo but only Ocean so no photo comparison from me.
  5. don't have either but judging from pictures, the indigo seems to have a purple undertone from certain angle/lighting, the ocean is simply 'oceanic', very beautiful blue, not dark, but deep if that makes sense. both are very pretty!
  6. Hmm, interesting- I do think that I like the undertones on the ocean better, but love how saturated the color of the indigo is. Do ocean or indigo users find the color to be versatile in terms of their wardrobe?
  7. I had a gorgeous Indigo Twiggy, but ended up letting her go because the colour was the exact same colour as a lot of clothing in my wardrobe...Too matchy-matchy for me and I like my bags to be a little stand-out...Anyway, I found the Ocean to be a bit dull...So I ended up buying Marine which was much more rich with a lot of colour variation...Here's a pic of my Marine First outside, no flash.
    007 - Copy (3).JPG
  8. ^does marine have white stitching too?
  9. I don't have indigo so I can't compare... but here are some pics of my recently let go ocean first. I really want the ocean in a SGH day! The color changes greatly from indoors to outdoors. The pic on the white background is inside, the other is outside. I would really like to see comparison pics if anyone has them!


    ocean out.jpg
  10. ^^Verty, no the Marine bags have stitching that matches the colour of the bag...That was another thing that out me off the Ocean, the stitching was the wrong colour:wtf: Well, it was on the ones I saw...
  11. thanks for sharing all the pics! Maybe some comparison pics will still pop up?

    KDC, I was eyeing a GORGEOUS marine bag that hgbags was selling, but it was taking me forever to decide (I already have 2 firsts, and want a diff style, but that leather!!!), and then I missed out on the bag. :crybaby:Hers was actually way darker than yours- dark navy. But it might be the lighting. I love yours!! Your marine and ladybug's ocean both look more denim-blue, which seems like it'd be so versatile.

    Ladybug, i love your ocean!! But again, I keep finding bags in the color i want but not the style. (Although the first is my fave style, I'm just trying to branch out)
  12. the wrong color? as in it was white? lol if so, i think they all had white stitching.