'05 Indigo First

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  1. :nuts:
    When it rains it poors!!! It never fails that weeks will go buy with nothing up for sale that I like....then WHAMO! Tons of bags I would love to have turn up all at once. I bought two city's recently and one of them hasn't even arrived yet, and now there are 3 bags listed (including this beauty)this very moment, that I would love to purchase!!!
    BTW, Indigo is one gorgeous color, and whoever gets this divine bag will not be disappointed!!! Good luck to any and all bidders!
  2. What a gorgeous color. It must be stunning IRL. Darn my purse ban!!!
  3. Seems high for a first, what do you all think? There is another indigo first on eBay. Do you think this one looks much better? I am seriously lusting after the indigo first...