'05 Indigo Classique

  1. That's one of my favorite blues too!
  2. gorgeous color!
  3. It is very pretty and I bet the leather is nice too.
  4. I had one and it was gorgeous....
  5. mmm indigo! I havent seen one of these in awhile
  6. Do you think the handles look too dark? I really want an indigo...
  7. Shhirley, the handles look good to me! and it's a darker color, so the darkened handles wouldn't be too noticeable... I would go for it if you've been looking for this color, looks like it's in great condition :smile:
  8. The Twiggy seems in pretty good condition too, but the handles look darker than on the first - but it may be the lighting? what does everyone else think?
    Sshirley, I think it depends on which style you like better - if you really want the Twiggy, the slightly darker handles don't seem like such a big deal... but if you're undecided about the style, the First seems to be slightly newer... let us know what you decide! :P
  9. Beautiful color! :smile:
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