05 Indigo City

  1. Wow, I love this one :yahoo: should I get it?
  2. It sure is pretty.
  3. Go for it Swissflower! I think it's beautiful.
  4. It is indeed very pretty. It reminds me a lot of the blueberry...although the leather on the indigo is just to die for...
  5. this is soooo gorgeous!!! me likeyyyyyy:drool: :heart:
  6. I am absolutely in :love: with this color! Tempting...
  7. *sigh* i looooove indigo!
  8. Well I want this one, but I`m waititng for the blue india city...:P
  9. ooooooh so tempting! such a pretty color!
  10. OMG it's beautiful
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