05 Indigo City BIn 1295

  1. WOAH! It's BEAUTIFUL!!!! =)
  2. :drools: i wish i could hold and hug this very b-bag right now!
  3. OMG, look at that leather! :drool: :drool: :drool: That's amazing! This seller is wonderful btw.
  4. I'm so excited I just bought this! :nuts: This is the one 05 blue I haven't owned yet that I had to have. I have never paid above retail for a bag, but the color and leather looks so amazing and I think it's totally worth it.
  5. WOW! Congratulations! It is a BEAUTY! =)
  6. Congrats Chris! That's so exciting! It's totally worth it. I think the price is just about what a city costs with tax anyway. But that bag is TDF! Totally worth it! :yes: :yahoo:
  7. Congrats citychris!! Lovely color and it looks awesome. :love:
  8. Thanks for the congrats! I agree it's not too much above retail and worth it. I actually think it could have gone higher without the BIN.
  9. I think you are right about that chris - it was a fair price (IMO) for that gorgeous indigo!! My fav color I think. I used to have it in a day but sold it - WHAT was I thinking.

    So when these babies come up I have to really constrain myself.

    congrats! I have a feeling this will become your favorite.
  10. rocco - I think that photo you posted recently of the indigo day bag added to my desire for this color. Was it hard to coordinate the color -- what did you wear it with?
  11. CONGRATS Chris! I think you are going to love this bag, too!!! Sorry I have not debut my 05 Navy here with pics... I think 05 Indigo is a Spring series so the leather is going to be really yummy!
  12. It was harder to coordinate with my wardrobe more than the teal mini twiggy beileve it or not! HOWEVER I have recently lost a bunch of weight and now (again) look good in jeans!! - so I wasn't wearning much jeans back then. I wonder if that has to do with it?

    I sold it because I needed the money for a gambling trip (dumb I know)
  13. wow! congrats! it's a great bag!
    i've had one, the leather is TDF!
  14. congrats, chris! it's a beautiful bag! enjoy!