05 ice blue purse

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  1. I just saw this...I'm very tempted, but how is the leather on the ice blue bags? I am so used to my older, softer bags, I don't know if I'll like the leather on this one...
  2. ice blue is pretty typical for 05 bags, the ones I saw were thinner than 04, and kind of flakey looking, like looking through layers and layers of shattered glass. I loved the 05 leather myself... I'd ask for some pics though, there is only 1 photo. maybe that would help :jammin:
  3. Thanks! That's what I thought...I prefer the older leather.
  4. is this bag ok? does anyone know if the ice blue fades like how my pale rose did?
  5. FYI, I merged the original thread with the new :flowers:
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