'05 Ice Blue Clutch

  1. :yes: good luck jdy324, a nice color.:flowers:
  2. Yay, it's mine! So pretty.
  3. ^^^CONGRATS Ronda!!!:yahoo:
  4. congrats to ronda and jdy324 for the sell!!!
  5. Yay Ronda!! :yahoo: You're going to love it :love:
  6. I know I will! Thanks in advance. I'm going to Las Vegas in a few weeks and think it will be nice to put under the table and on my lap. (To hold the many chips I'll be winning, of course!)
  7. Congrats Rondafaye, the seller is very nice. I bought an Ice Blue coin purse from her and recieved it just as she described.
  8. Congrats Ronda! That's a great use for it. I hope you win a lot with it!! ;)
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