'05 Grey Purse

  1. I love this color but wished it was a city... thanks for posting!
  2. The Purse style is my FAVORITE!!!! jydeals1, maybe you should reconsider??? My black purse is amazing!!!! I think that is the style I will stick with, except maybe the new fabulous BRIEF!!!
  3. You have a black Purse??? I'd love to see a pic of it. It's on my wish list:love: .
  4. Thanks Ashley! i just emailed her for pics of the side view since I'm not familiar with the width. Do you guys think the handles have darkened ?
  5. Not really. I think it's stunning!!!
  6. It looks stunning to me too. The handles look pristine. :drool:
  7. fendihunter-
    here she is:smile:
  8. wooow that's very nice
  9. :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:
    OMG, I'm in love. Ashley_brook that is more beautiful than I had ever imagined. Thank you so much for posting. Now I can drive myself crazy dreaming of her.
  10. :heart::heart::love::love::love::heart::heart:

    thanks fendihunter!! You should get one!! The purse is the PERFECT size!!!! and the black is wonderful!
  11. ^I agree. The purse is incredibly user-friendly and stylish. I love it! Such a shame it's been discontinued.
  12. This is the reason I'm freaking out. I'm afraid I won't be able to find it let alone in black. I really would like black since I need a shoulder bag and black is so versitile. If I weren't so stuck on black I would have certainly bid on this grey one. It's in incredible condition.

  13. You will find it, try to be patient! Black is every season. I don't think that the purse style is going any where. I think that is just a rumor. I will scour ebay for you and let you know if I see it! ;)Don't settle whatever you do.

    Oh I saw this regarding your black purse:

  14. :heart: your black purse Ashley! The leather looks so yummy.