05 Gray or Anthracite?


Which color in the Day?

  1. 05 Gray

  2. Anthracite

  3. Both!

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. in the day? i have the 05 gray, but the anthracite is enticing. i want both, but having 2 gray bags would be too much, right? hehe, i'm suppose to be on purse ban. :p :graucho:
  2. they don't look too similar to me, so go for both!
  3. Is there a better, clearer picture of the anthracite??
  4. I'd try anthracite!
  5. I'd go with anthracite
  6. i love both colors, but if given one choice, i'd have to go with Gray 05 or 06 :smile:
  7. Anthracite is going to be beautiful and unique. Go for the Anthracite because Bal always comes up with Gray every season. Good luck!:smile:
  8. NANAZ is wright.

    Go for the dark one:wlae:

  9. Anthracite ...in Day size for me !!!!!!
  10. Anthracite for sure. I think it is going to be the "it" color of ss07.
  11. Anthracite!

    I cannot wait to get my hands on it
  12. Does anyone have pictures to compare?
  13. I like both but need to see anthracite IRL. Anthracite sounds very interesting !